Preparing People For Emergencies

Evacuation Diagrams

Clear directions are vital in an emergency, Adair can provide all your needs in emergency signage and procedures customised to your situation and site.

Evacuation Diagrams
Having clearly understandable and navigable plans are really essential in an emergency situation which is why we have a strong emphasis on producing accurate diagrams which take into account all important details which may be of importance in an emergency situation with clearly defined icons and legends to provide vital information in a hazardous situation...

Procedures Manuals
We cater extensive customized emergency procedures manuals for your site and people. Full step by step process specific to your site Wardens Manuals for each role Fully compliant material to Australian Standards Procedures covering all emergencies including bomb threat, armed robbery etc. Duplication of all manuals on your on line resource - SWIMS ​ 

Site Consultation
Understanding your specific needs. The Adair  team comprise specialist professionals and are able to consult in all areas of emergency management in your site. Including: Site inspection and advice on requirements of the site; Recommendations on evacuation routes and processes; Equipment requirements; Tasks and responsibilities for stakeholders; Requirements for compliance.

Diagram Service Guarantee

On receipt of drawings (and deposit for non account clients) Adair will commit to have draft drawings to the client within 15 working days or its FREE.

New service: 3D Diagram - 3D Evacuation Diagrams say so much more - easier ... ask us if you would prefer the 3D option for your diagram.

Evacuation Diagram 

  • A3 (laminated or frame mounted) our 'you are here diagram' are able clearly indicate the best path of exit and location of emergency equipment.
  • Orientated so that staff and visitors can understand their location and relevant exit path quickly.
  • Can be customised to suit specific needs of the staff and visitors or security implications of the site.
  • Compliant with Australian Standards